Pulseraiser – Healthy Activity Counts

A new approach to workplace wellness

Pulseraiser creates a reason to be active today. 
Every time employees complete healthy exercise we transfer money into tangible outcomes. 

Options include:
Child's Savings Account
A Nominated Charity

The Facts

Absenteeism due to sickness is costing Australian businesses $7 billion annually, or roughly $1,000 per employee per year *. Unhealthy employees take on average nine days more sick leave compared with healthy employees**. This is without taking into account the cost of presenteeism and the dreaded 3PM slump.

The Outcomes

With a focus on the employee experience, we provide the motivation to be healthy and active, a strength of feeling valued from the employee, increased feeling of happiness, and help to reduce absenteeism. All working towards improving company performance.
*Medibank Private The cost of workplace stress on Australia, **Medibank Private The health of Australia’s workforce
Raise funds – Get Rewarded

Pulseraiser teams can raise money for a charity or have it transferred to a nominated bank account. Together you can inspire your colleagues by contributing to worthwhile outcomes.

Active, Productive Workplaces

An active workforce increases productivity. Exercising with Pulseraiser can boost individual and team morale.

Integrate Your existing Apps

Pulseraiser is a mobile application that integrates with health apps including Runkeeper, Strava and Mapmyrun.

VicHealth funding Innovation

Pulseraiser was a recipient of the VicHealth Physical Innovations Grants.

Pulseraiser users stay active
- And Get Rewarded

It's more than just badges and status credits :)

Pulseraiser is an online platform and mobile app that tracks physical activity. It converts your fitness successes into donations.

This could be either a nominated bank account (think your child, or grandchild!) or a good cause you care about.

Who pays? Well, your boss! Research shows a healthier workforce is a more productive workforce. So it makes sense for your employer to sponsor your healthy activity.

To launch Pulseraiser contact info@pulseraiser.com today.

  • Step 1

    You want to take part? Contact us at info@pulseraiser.com

  • step 2

    We'll contact your company's executive team to initiate Pulseraiser in your workplace

  • step 3

    Employees download the Pulseraiser app from the App Store and start tracking activity

  • step 4

    Complete healthy activity and earn cash every step of the way

Permission and motivation to be active today

Testimonials from participants



Employer Sponsored


  • Donation Dashboard, Weekly Challenge, Activity History, Social Timeline - an integrated holistic view for each employee.
  • Tracking Platform Integration - We automate the tracking of activity and translate that into a donation.
  • Configurable list of activities and rewards/good causes for employees to choose.
  • Configurable donation amount per activity your employee performs.
  • Promotions.
  • Dedicated Account Executive
  • Priority email and non-business hours’ support.
  • Mobile App and Website.


Salary Sacrificed


  • Donation Dashboard, Weekly Challenge, Activity History, Social Timeline - an integrated holistic view on your progress.
  • Tracking Platform Integration - We automate the tracking of activity and translate that into a donation.
  • Fixed list of activities, rewards/good causes, and donations per activity.
  • Promotions.
  • Non-business hours’ support.
  • Mobile App and Website.

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Expertise in tech, healthcare... and a little bit of running
John Emmerson
John Emmerson
John has 10 years experience in healthcare communications facilitating charity investor funding partnerships. Relationships with over 40 Australian charities including Cancer Council Australia, Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia and Salvation Army.
Duncan Ion
Duncan Ion
Duncan has 16 years experience developing technology solutions. Worked across many sectors (media, automotive, finance, pharma etc..) delivering web and mobile solutions for some very well known brands including Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Lexus, Panasonic and Tourism Australia. Advocate of lean thinking, service design and likes the odd run or two.
Kirsten Marks
Kirsten Marks
Physical Activity Specialist
With a background in physical activity research, Kirsten advises on running plans and other aspects of the platform. Medical research experience at Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Research Institute. Projects include Stand Up Victoria (intervention to reduce workplace sedentary behaviour) and AusDiab (national population study assessing chronic disease).

Media enquires contact John Emmerson, co-founder of Pulseraiser
+61 448 493 146  or on john.emmerson@pulseraiser.com