Teams need to stay active and connected. With Pulseraiser they can.

Every time your teams exercise they raise money for UNICEF Australia paid for by their employer.

Work from home. Work out.

Winner of the VicHealth Physical Activity Innovation Challenge

Winner of the VicHealth Physical Activity Innovation Challenge.

With mandated working from home,

the need for your teams to feel connected to their colleagues and manage stress has never been greater.

Invest in your people when they most need it, so they do good and feel great!

Real Results

Case study from a leading global media and information service





Our team was able to raise 20,000 polio vaccines for UNICEF and the team was left wanting more! It was a fantastic way to get everyone involved, active and determined. Needless to say we're looking forward to partnering again this year!"

leading global media and information service.


Improve team spirit

Give your teams the tools to be motivated, physically active, manage stress, and stay connected in this difficult time.


"My jog just generated polio vaccines."

Multiple activity types including Mindfulness, Yoga, Pilates, Running, Cycling, Walking etc...

Users find it motivating to get active and stay active, with users being 55% more active than they were before.



We on-board new companies each month to take part. It's good to register with us early so we can get your employees signed up the week before they start on the 1st Monday of your chosen month.

Sign up

Employees sign up through a dedicated website provided by Pulseraiser.

Team participation

Employees simply download the app and log their activity or use a tracker to automatically record it.


Happy, inspired employees. Knowing exactly how they are making a tangible difference. Today.

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Pulseraiser Testimonal from Nima

I hadn’t run for 20 years when I decided to take part in a Pulseraiser. In 6 weeks I’ve logged more than 100 kilometers and raised $100 for RUOK. It makes me feel really good about myself, both physically and for helping my community.


Pulseraiser Testimonal from Paige

Pulseraiser really made me think about how I could be more active in my day to day life, particularly when having a desk job. I started walking to work every day, doing yoga and being more mindful. While In the past I've found it hard to find motivation, Pulseraiser made being active simple, as knowing my efforts were helping others was the biggest motivator.


Pulseraiser Testimonal from Alix

Researching a cure for cystic fibrosis matters to me as it affects a much-loved relative. I saw Pulseraiser as a way to raise funds for her rather than a way to increase my fitness – it’s fantastic that it does both!


Employee get's access to Android, iOS, and web apps to support their wellbeing.

Multiple activities supported

Earn money from many activities including running, cycling, swimming, gym sessions and yoga.

Multiple tracking options

Compatible with Runkeeper, Strava, Mapmyrun and Fitbit.

Life changing effort

Pulseraiser show's how your activity is making a difference.

Pulseraiser iOS App
Instant updates and notifications

Track how much money you've earned from your activity, and watch your total rise.

Social sharing

Follow and like activity from friends and colleagues and post your activities to social media.

Projected earn

Stay motivated by seeing potential earnings based on current activity.

Meet our team

John Emmerson


John Emmerson

John has 10 years experience in healthcare communications facilitating charity investor funding partnerships. Relationships with over 40 Australian charities including Cancer Council Australia, Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia and Salvation Army.

Duncan Ion


Duncan Ion

Duncan has 16 years experience developing customer led technology solutions. Working across media, automotive, finance, pharma, and delivering web and mobile solutions including Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Lexus, Panasonic and Tourism Australia. Advocate of lean thinking, service design and likes the odd run.

Kirsten Marks

Physical Activity Specialist

Kirsten Marks

With a background in physical activity research, Kirsten advises on running plans and other aspects of the platform. Medical research experience at Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Research Institute. Projects include Stand Up Victoria (intervention to reduce workplace sedentary behaviour) and AusDiab (national population study assessing chronic disease).


Our corporate solutions address health and wellbeing challenges and drive positive culture in the workplace. Contact for a demo and find out more.

Looking for Individual Options?

For those not participating in the Pulseraiser company program we now offer options for individuals to take part. Be Active. Do Good.

It's Permission and Motivation.
Pulseraiser is exercise for a hectic life.