Encourage health and wealth habits at home

Kids look up to you. Their future attitudes to physical exercise and money are shaped by how you behave. The same is true with attitudes to money. Using Pulseraiser your exercise provides inspiring life lessons on the value of exercise and learning more about money.

Running, swimming, cycling, yoga, gym – any fitness level.

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Every work out you log becomes a cash deposit into your nominated child’s savings account – son, daughter, niece, nephew or even you friends child!

Salary sacrifice

We handle the salary sacrifice paperwork, co-ordinate with your company’s payroll officer, and set up a Suncorp children’s savings account for the money to be deposited into.


Multiple physical activities

Earn money from running, cycling, swimming, gym sessions and yoga.

Multiple tracking options

Compatible with Runkeeper, Strava and Mapmyrun.

Android and IOS apps.

Apps and a member web portal show how your activity is making a difference.

Instant updates and notifications

Track how much money you’ve earned from your training, and watch your savings total rise.

Social sharing

Follow and like activity from friends and colleagues and post your activities to social media.


Select how many activities you’ll do this week, get a bonus if you complete them all.

Earn, burn, save on your tax return!

Pulseraiser’s automated salary sacrifice platform means you earn extra dollars from money saved from your tax.

We help you claim Pulseraiser exercise as a minor benefit salary sacrifice from your employer – you can make savings of more than $80.

We set up a Suncorp Kids Bank Account in the name of the recipient child or young person aged under 16 which their parent or guardian can access.

Which leaves you more time to exercise!


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I hadn’t run for 20 years when I decided to take part in a Pulseraiser. In 6 weeks I’ve logged more than 100 kilometers and raised $100 for RUOK. It makes me feel really good about myself, both physically and for helping my community.


Researching a cure for cystic fibrosis matters to me as it affects a much-loved relative. I saw Pulseraiser as a way to raise funds for her rather than a way to increase my fitness – but it’s fantastic that it does both!


John Emmerson
John Emmerson


John has 10 years experience in healthcare communications facilitating charity investor funding partnerships. Relationships with over 40 Australian charities including Cancer Council Australia, Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia and Salvation Army.
Duncan Ion
Duncan Ion


Duncan has 16 years experience developing technology solutions. Worked across many sectors (media, automotive, finance, pharma etc..) delivering web and mobile solutions for some very well known brands including Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Lexus, Panasonic and Tourism Australia. Advocate of lean thinking, service design and likes the odd run.
Kirsten Marks
Kirsten Marks

Physical Activity Specialist

With a background in physical activity research, Kirsten advises on running plans and other aspects of the platform. Medical research experience at Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Research Institute. Projects include Stand Up Victoria (intervention to reduce workplace sedentary behaviour) and AusDiab (national population study assessing chronic disease).


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